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So I’ve decided to start a completely Atlas Shrugged / Ayn Rand dominated blog. I try not to flood this blog too too much with it, as my main ‘theme’ here is mostly aesthetic… BUT I know a lot of you have followed me because of the Atlas Shrugged connection… so to all of you… If I start an AS only blog, would you follow it? Also, what name do you like?

1. The Fifth Concerto
2. The Best Within Us (title of AS, Part III, Chapter X)
3. Twentieth Century Motor Company
4. Take Over, It’s Yours 


  1. whoisjohngalt25 answered: I would follow the shit out of it, and I like the first and fourth names the best :)
  2. 90ssmoothjazz said: I would love that! And I like the fifth concerto for the name, it’s such a positive part of that complex story.
  3. teaganaliss answered: The Fifth Concerto. Because damn that’s clever.
  4. thoughtsfromsirius answered: Looking forward to it. My vote is for 1. The Fifth Concerto
  5. inpursuit-of answered: I absolutely would follow it, yes. : ] and 1. ‘TheFifthConcerto’
  6. bethoftheendless answered: Hells yeah I’d follow. I like the first two titles best, the second a bit more.
  7. forthewynne said: Take Over, It’s Yours
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  9. dagnytaggart answered: 2 or 3
  10. edmondvdantes answered: Halley’s Fifth Concerto